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How To Have The Best Fall Morning EVER in Shipyard Plantation

6 Sep 2016
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The Great Outdoors

Shipyard’s fall days are long and packed with festivals, fun and sun, but if you really want to carpe some diem, you owe it to yourself to get up with the sun at least once and greet the dawn. There’s so much that awaits you in and around our amazing community and you can be the early bird that catches that worm. In this case, your worm is serene natural beauty, freshly roasted gourmet coffee and the tranquility of Hilton Head Island all to yourself.

Start by hopping on your bike and enjoying having our magnificent bike paths all to yourself. Even in the brightest noon day sun, our lagoons and wetlands are blissfully peaceful, but in the stillness of twilight, with the morning sun just beginning to burn away the fog, they make for an unforgettable way to start your day.

To energize your start to the day, you can join in on some of the early morning beach yoga sessions that have become popular on our beaches. You’ll find one at Sonesta Resort, plus through a slew of independent yogis up and down the beach. Keep following that beach, then cut through Coligny Beach Park toward Caretta Coffee in Coligny Plaza, the island’s newest coffee shop. By now the pale blue of early morning will have given way to golden sunlight, which makes this the perfect time to put your feet up, sip a latte and people watch as the first beachgoers of the day bound toward the surf.

Then, rejuvenated and refreshed, ride back into Shipyard content in the knowledge that while everyone else is just getting up, you’ve already had the best morning ever.

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