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Travel Insurance

Protect your vacation and add piece of mind with trip insurance. VacationGuard® offers a Leisure Plus Plan that addresses trip cancellation, trip interruptions, trip delays, and more. Click here to view the benefits of VacationGuard® Leisure Plan. Enroll or get a quote by clicking the banner below.

Sample policy and/or flyer includes an example of policy coverages for a product.  This is sponsored content from the licensed producers, VacationGuard and Berkshire Hathaway Global Insurance Services, LLC (BHGIS).  Coverages, benefits, and availability of product will vary depending on state of residency and information provided in the application, and is limited to United States Residents only.  If there is any conflict between the contents of the literature or content in this enrollment and the Policy, the Policy will govern in all cases. Please see your policy for coverages, exclusions, and state specific language.