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Buffalo’s at Palmetto Bluff

1 Village Park Square


Palmetto Bluff is a quintessential lowcountry community located in Bluffton.  When you check in with the gate guard tell them you are going to Buffalo’s for lunch or breakfast and ask for the CD!  They will give you CD to listen to as you drive along the roads in Palmetto Bluff to the little town of Wilson.  Buffalo’s offers delicious foods and they try to keep it local as much as possible.  The local shrimp tacos are amazing or try the Buffalo Burger (a local beef burger from Mibek Farms).  The local butternut squash soup is delicious too!  The kids will enjoy the menu choices and coloring their menu.  Enjoy some delicious fresh spun ice cream or a homemade pastry for dessert.  If you are not too full, take a walk down the dock, explore the old ruins, or take the kids to the Tree House to play!