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Since 2007, the historic Honey Horn property has been sharing its 300-year history with its guests. This majestic 68-acre plantation has been designated as the last open portion of Hilton Head Island, allowing the Coastal Discovery Museum to showcase this historic property and the area's cultural heritage and natural history.

Visitors can travel back in time to view the historic Lowcountry. Families and patrons alike can gaze upon the venue's salt marshes, open fields, and centuries-old oak trees—not to mention some of the oldest buildings to exist on Hilton Head Island to date. You'll also learn about the northern hunters who visited during the winters, the planters who harvested the crops, and the islanders who worked on the property—this truly is a one-of-a-kind experience for guests to witness the history of the surrounding region.

The hour-and-a-half tour will take you through the places frequented by those who lived and worked at Honey Horn, so you can see and feel the history of this majestic island. Visitors will also learn about the family history of the Hacks, the family who lived at Honey Horn for almost 50 years.

Adults and children can partake in this unique journey for $10 per adult and $5 per child (4-12). There are numerous ways you can observe the property, allowing you to tailor this experience to suit your own interests. Take a walk down one of the property's three boardwalks to see the oyster beds, Fiddler crabs, and smooth grass cord, or go for a hike around the Horn Trail to see the area's early 20th-century buildings. You never know what you might discover while at Honey Horn.