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Hilton Head Fishing

Catch A Big One

The scenic waterways of Hilton Head Island are popular fishing, shrimping and crabbing destinations. Whether you spend a leisurely afternoon fishing off the piers, casting off the dock or shore, or sport fishing in the ocean, the island offers excellent fishing spots and deep-sea fishing excursions. Hilton Head Island is home to many fishing charter boats that cruise out to the warm Gulf Stream and Atlantic Ocean waters. Rent a boat for a deep-sea fishing adventure and catch snapper, grouper, kingfish, cobia, bluefish, spot tail bass, swordfish and shark. You can also enjoy inshore fishing for flounder, sea trout and croakers.

​Fishing licenses are needed for saltwater and freshwater fishing for anyone 16 years or older not fishing with a commercial fishing guide. If you are recreationally fishing, shrimping and crabbing in saltwater and freshwater from shore, beach, bank, dock, or public pier will be required to have a saltwater recreational fishing license. A freshwater fishing license is required if you want to cast a line in the Island's lagoons and ponds, and throughout Beaufort County. Hilton Head Accommodations can provide information on local laws and licenses.