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1 Nov 2013
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For the last few years, one of the most successful tourism marketing campaigns in the nation has been the “Share a Little Sunshine” initiative produced by the official state tourism office of Florida. The VISIT FLORIDA campaign seeks to boost tourism by asking Florida residents to invite their friends and family to visit them in the sunshine State. Residents who want to invite visitors to Florida can utilize a campaign website to create invitations, upload video or share already made videos with family and friends about coming to Florida. It's obvious by the success of the campaign that Floridians enjoy taking pride in their State and what it has to offer. They have a positive attitude about the place they live. 

In real estate attitude is everything; and often times familiarity and contentedness can cast a negative shadow of the true picture of what a destination has to offer. A buyer of Lowcountry real estate is usually making a purchase decision based at least somewhat on an emotional connection to the local lifestyle. One of the best ways buyers pick up the vibe of a community's lifestyle is through their real estate agent. It's an important point because the stronger the emotional connection to the lifestyle, the better chance of a high transaction price from an enthusiastic buyer.  

The emotional connections that buyers have for an area are even more so shaped by the attitudes of the people in the community. Yes, the positive attitudes of real estate agents are important for the health of the market but it goes even beyond that. It's the staff in the restaurants, the gas station attendants and the grocery workers that can really make a great experience for visitors and real estate prospects of the Lowcountry. Line level employees need to understand the very important role they play in our economy and that they can make a huge difference, one visitor interaction at a time. 

Let's stop for a moment and really take an appreciative look at the amenities of the local area. There is a mild year round climate, pristine beaches and waterways, unsurpassed natural beauty, golf, tennis, biking and fishing. Amazing arts and cultural opportunities are easily accessible. There is world class local cuisine and many fine restaurants. There is excellent health care, a university and a technical college. There is something for every shopper with the mix of small eclectic retail offerings and value oriented specialty chains. It's no wonder that some people work their whole lives to fulfill their dream of living in the Lowcountry. 

Let's take a clue from Florida's “Share a Little Sunshine” campaign. It's time to reset our attitudes, positively embrace our community and appreciate more where we reside. Let's take pride in our destination and in our community. If you see a visitor that needs directions, smile and offer to help. Give a little extra space to those out of state drivers on our roadways and strive to become an ambassador for our region. Together, we can make a big difference in our visitors experience and increase their desire to own a piece of Lowcountry paradise.